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David is a recreational pilot who was tired of juggling glasses. The day after having LASIK surgery, he woke up and was very surprised and happy that he could see outside his window with crystal clear vision. He chose Dr. Holcomb because of his outstanding qualifications, and his experience was quick, comfortable, and well worth it.

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David: I'm a pilot, and I noticed after I retired from the military I started to have some deterioration of vision in my distance vision. I wanted to continue flying recreationally. I was constantly juggling glasses and trying to compensate. I researched it, and the FAA authorized eye Lasik, that Dr. Holcomb does, and so I tried it, and I came back out of there with 20/15 vision. When I came out of the surgery, went home, went to bed, when I woke up, I looked out my window and everything was crystal clear, so I was really surprised and very happy with it. The staff is all very friendly. Most of them have had the procedure, themselves, so they had a lot of knowledge on it. That's one of the things I liked because I was a little bit apprehensive about my eyes because it's a vital organ in your body and you want to make sure that you treat it right. I called the company that actually makes the surgery device, and they recommended Dr. Holcombe because he was trained by them. He was the only one in this area that was really authorized to do it by them. When you get in there, under the laser machine, it's very comfortable. It just takes 20 seconds, and it's over. You go, "Is that it? Is it done?" You don't even know it's happening, really. I would definitely say do it, it's not that expensive and it's well worth it. It improves your life.

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I went to the best of the best for LASIK: Dr. Holcomb. I highly recommend him and his staff.

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