Removing Barriers to the Cost of LASIK


Post-surgery, Dr. Holcomb will do a patient check-up the following day, at two weeks, and at three months. Dr. Holcomb knows that the cost of LASIK can be a barrier for some patients. For this reason, he offers several different financing options to make LASIK vision correction available for as many patients as possible.

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Most people that have Lasik surgery can see well enough to drive and return to work by the day after the surgery. When we do a Lasik procedure, we always check the patients back the next day to make sure the flap is smooth and that the vision really is fine. We go over the post-operative instructions again with the patient again at that point. We check again about two weeks later just be sure everything's doing okay and at that point, we usually wait until about the three month point to take another look. If everything's fine at three months, then we usually turn patients lose, tell them to call us if they need anything and check in about two years down the road. At Eye Care Madison, we try make this procedure available to as many people as we possibly can. One of the barriers is often financial. We have a wonderful staff that works with the patients to go over different financing options. There are interest free financing options available as well as longer term interest type payment plans. So, we have a lot of flexibility when it comes to trying to work this out with patients' finances. Medical savings accounts still work with Lasik. So, there are a lot of different avenues to approach the financial part. When it comes to your eyes, there's no substitute for experience and we have it.

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I went to the best of the best for LASIK: Dr. Holcomb. I highly recommend him and his staff.

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