After LASIK, Can See All She Had Been Missing


Christy had been wearing glasses and contacts since the age of 8. She decided to have LASIK after the birth of her son, because she wanted to be able to see him when she woke up in the morning. Dr. Holcomb and the entire staff were wonderful and made sure she knew what to expect throughout the whole process, and she couldn't be happier with the results.

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Christy: Before I had Lasik surgery, I had to wear contacts or glasses, since I was 8 years old. And I couldn't see anything. I finally decided, after I had my son who is now 3, because I'd wake up in the morning and I couldn't see him and that was horrible. It's just really nice to see him in the morning, be able to see him smile, and all those things I couldn't do before. I chose Dr. Holcomb because I had had a lot of people that work with who encouraged me to use him. They had previously seen him for the same Lasik surgery and just raved about him and his staff. The staff here, with Eye Care Madison has been wonderful, the girls have told me every step of the way what I needed to do and what was going to happen and the doctor did the same thing. Dr. Holcomb is wonderful, he told me, he talked to me the whole time during the surgery and told me exactly what was going to happen next and what to expect. When I first woke up I was able to see the clock on the wall, which I wasn't able to do before. They immediately took me into a room where I could see the eye chart and I could see the big E, which I couldn't do before. On the drive home, I could see signs and radio towers, stuff that you never recognize that you can't see until you can see it again. This morning I was able to see the time on my phone, I was able to see Dylan, my son, when he smiled. If someone were to ask me if they should have Lasik, I couldn't be more encouraging. I would tell them that it's absolutely a decision they should make because it will change their life.

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I went to the best of the best for LASIK: Dr. Holcomb. I highly recommend him and his staff.

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