Amazing Technology and Technical Expertise Create Excellent LASIK Results

If you struggle with poor eyesight and are considering a surgical treatment to eliminate your need to wear glasses or contacts, LASIK is a great option to consider. Dr. William E. Holcomb is a skilled eye surgeon who has a proven track record of excellent LASIK results. Dr. Holcomb's Cullman eye surgery center is equipped with the latest technology to perform blade-free LASIK, or iLASIK, which is safe and extremely precise. Contact Holcomb Laser Center today to learn more.

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LASIK can eliminate your dependency on glasses or contact lenses.

LASIK Surgery

During LASIK surgery, Dr. Holcomb reshapes the cornea, or the dome-shaped front portion of the eye. By reshaping the inner layer of the cornea (the stroma), Dr. Holcomb changes the way light is refracted when it enters the eye so that it focuses properly on the retina. Because LASIK is performed with precision laser technology, iLASIK is a very low-risk procedure that offers long-lasting (and often life-changing) results with a short recovery period. iLASIK is FDA-approved and is performed as an outpatient treatment. It is used to correct myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism.

To ensure accuracy and customized results for each patient, Dr. Holcomb uses the WaveScan WaveFront™ System. This system collects precise measurements of your eyes and identifies imperfections and unique characteristics within each eye. It creates a map of the eye, which is used to determine how LASIK should reshape the cornea to improve the patient's vision. This advanced method is exceptionally accurate and safe.

Video: David Thomas iLasik Testimonial

LASIK enabled David to pursue his passion for flight and eliminated the hassle of glasses.

LASIK Results

Ninety-nine percent of Dr. Holcomb's patients at Holcomb Laser Center treated with iLASIK have been able to see clearly without glasses and contacts following surgery. Meanwhile, 94 percent of Dr. Holcomb's patients achieve 20/20 vision. Because the eyes naturally degenerate to some degree over time, some patients may require a LASIK touch-up following surgery, although this percentage of patients is very small. 

Nearsighted patients usually are able to return to regular activities within a few days following surgery, and will recognize the final results of their retinal surgery within one to three months following surgery. Farsighted patients may experience more dramatic results, seeing full results within a day or so following surgery.

The results of LASIK depend on each patient's unique needs. Some patients over 40 years of age may still require glasses or contacts following surgery. In addition to treating patients with simple refractive errors, Dr. Holcomb can perform LASIK for patients who have received intraocular lens implants (IOLs) to replace an lens affected by cataract. LASIK can correct vision impairment that existed before a patient received their replacement lens, and help post-cataract patients live with decreased or eliminated dependence on glasses.

Although LASIK requires an upfront investment, compare that price to the cost of continuing to purchase contact lenses, prescription glasses, and accessories over the years. Meanwhile, you will be able to enjoy seeing the world around you with your own eyes.

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