Preparing for LASIK and Post-operative Visits

By William Holcomb on January 16, 2017

Post-operative VisitsLASIK has become a popular vision correction procedure. Before scheduling LASIK, Dr. William E. Holcomb ensures patients understand the follow-up commitment needed after this procedure. Attending all LASIK post-operative visits with Dr. Holcomb at our Cullman, AL laser center can ensure greater surgical success with fewer complications.

LASIK Post-operative Visits

Attending your post-operative visits with Dr. Holcomb is just as important as following the detailed instructions he provides after LASIK. Attending your post-op visits will ensure that you enjoy a complication-free recovery. Below is a general timeline of LASIK post-operative visits. Some patients may require more visits while others may require less.

First Post-operative Visit: Day after Surgery

We schedule the first post-operative LASIK visit for the day following your surgery. Although most patients are able to drive the next day, you may need someone to escort you to this appointment. Many patients see remarkable improvements in their vision in just one day. As your eyes heal, these improvements will become more apparent.

We ask that patients carefully shower or wash their face before this visit to avoid damage to the flap that was created during surgery. During this appointment, Dr. Holcomb can answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. This appointment usually takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

Second Post-operative Visit: One Week after LASIK

The second follow-up appointment takes place about a week after your surgery. You may have noticed some fluctuations in your vision during this time. This is normal, and if you have any concerns, you can speak with Dr. Holcomb about them during this visit. He will evaluate your eyes to ensure they are healing properly and no additional complications have arisen. You should continue using any prescription eye drops as directed. After this appointment, you can typically stop wearing your eye shields to bed at night.

Third Post-operative Visit: Three to Four Weeks after Surgery

At this appointment, Dr. Holcomb will administer a standard eye test to determine how your vision has improved since your surgery. You may still experience some vision fluctuations at this point, but they should lessen over time. We recommend discussing physical activities with Dr. Holcomb at this appointment. Generally, with appropriate eye protection, you can resume all physical activities after three or four weeks.

Fourth Post-operative Visit: Three to Six Months following LASIK

In four to six months after LASIK, you should experience less fluctuation in your vision. You will have resumed all physical activities again. You may have one or more appointments in the three to six months following your procedure, depending on how your eyes have healed. Again, Dr. Holcomb will administer a standard vision test to measure your progress. If you have not achieved optimal vision yet, he can help you understand why and may recommend a second procedure.

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