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By Wlliam E. Holcomb, MD on July 11, 2015

A laser focused on a woman’s eye, as in LASIK surgeryAlthough LASIK has helped tens of millions of people around the globe to correct their myopia and hyperopia, with or without astigmatism, most insurance companies still consider it to be an elective procedure. As a result, most people who choose to have LASIK must pay for the procedure out of their own pockets, whether by saving money in a bank account over time, opening a flexible spending account (FSA) through their employer, or charging the cost of the procedure to a credit card.

At Holcomb Laser Center, we strive to make LASIK as accessible as possible to as many patients as possible, regardless of their budgets. To this end, we are proud to offer financing through one of the nation’s most trusted and reputable third-party healthcare financing companies, CareCredit®. What distinguishes CareCredit® from other financing companies is that it only finances procedures that are not covered by conventional medical insurance plans, such as LASIK. Thanks to CareCredit®, thousands of patients who might otherwise have struggled to afford LASIK have been able to afford the procedure without going outside of their means.

Are you interested in learning whether you are a good candidate for LASIK surgery and CareCredit® financing at Holcomb Laser Center? If so, we encourage you to schedule your initial consultation at our eye care clinic today.

How does CareCredit® work?

CareCredit® is a credit card, but it isn’t an ordinary credit card. Unlike the credit cards that you can use at virtually any store or restaurant, CareCredit® can only be used to pay for elective healthcare procedures. It also offers a variety of low- and even no-interest monthly payment plans. This means that if you pay for your LASIK surgery in full within the time limit set forth by the agreed-upon promotional terms, you will not have to pay any interest. You may also elect to enroll in any of a number of low-interest payment plans that allow you to make manageable payments over longer periods.

Like any other credit card, you can use CareCredit® as often as you like for qualifying procedures at practices that accept the card, including Holcomb Laser Center, as well as plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, and even veterinary practices. As long as you make your payments on time and you are a client in good standing, your CareCredit® account will allow you to get the elective healthcare treatments you want whenever you want them, all without causing undue strain on your wallet.

Of course, our knowledgeable, friendly team will help you throughout every stage of the financing process. We want you to be able to afford our world-class eye care services. We are proud to offer blade-free, custom LASIK at a competitive price. With CareCredit®, you cannot afford not to consider this vision-enhancing, life-changing procedure.

Learn More about LASIK Financing at Holcomb Laser Center

If you would like to learn more about the LASIK financing options available at our eye care practice, or you would like to schedule your initial consultation, please contact Holcomb Laser Center today.

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