Improving Farsighted Vision through LASIK Surgery

By William Holcomb on January 11, 2015

Female next to an image of an eye chartVision impairment is a problem experienced by a large percentage of our patients at Holcomb Laser Center. Whether it is due to myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism, a number of patients rely of corrective eye wear for crisp, clear vision. Glasses and contact lenses can be effective in correcting vision, but they only offer a temporary fix. Over time, most patients tire of the care, upkeep, and costs that are involved with prescription lenses. Because of this, more and more patients are turning to LASIK, a laser surgery that permanently reshapes the cornea, offering patients long-term vision correction. We are able to offer our Cullman patients LASIK for farsightedness. With the many applications of LASIK surgery and the continually advancing LASIK technology, it is no surprise that this procedure has become the standard in vision correction.

Addressing Farsightedness

A great number of our LASIK patients are seeking correction for farsightedness. Patients who suffer from farsightedness, or hyperopia, have a difficult time focusing on objects that are at a close distance. During the LASIK procedure, an excimer laser makes alterations to the shape of the cornea to address the cause of farsightedness, which is a flat cornea. By improving imperfections of the cornea, our laser eye surgeons can significantly improve the vision of those who suffer from farsightedness, potentially eliminating the need for corrective lenses all together.

The LASIK Procedure

Although it is normal to feel nervous about undergoing LASIK surgery, most patients are pleasantly surprised by how quick and comfortable the procedure is. The entire procedure takes just a few minutes per eye, and, with the numbing eye drops that are used, patients feel little to no discomfort throughout. At the start of surgery, a laser will be used to make a flap across the cornea. This flap is then lifted so that the excimer laser can access the cornea and make the necessary alterations to its shape, which have been pre-determined during the patient’s LASIK consultation. This is a very precise process that relies on computer-driven tools to ensure maximum control and accuracy. Once the necessary alterations have been made, the corneal flap is lowered and the patient is monitored for a short amount of time before returning home for recovery.

LASIK Results

LASIK surgery has a reputation for producing highly successful results. The majority of patients recover from surgery with 20/20 vision or better and no longer require the use of any prescription eyewear. However, patients who suffer from severe farsightedness prior to surgery should understand that they may still require glasses for reading or other up-close tasks. Still, even in these cases, LASIK is able to significantly improve the vision of those with farsightedness and does offer a high level of freedom and convenience when it comes to corrective eyewear.

Schedule an Appointment

Patients who suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism no longer need to look to corrective eyewear as their only source of vision treatment. If you are tired of relying on glasses or contact lenses for clear vision, schedule an appointment with one of our laser eye surgeons to learn more about the advanced treatment options available at Holcomb Laser Center. We look forward to hearing from you!

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