What is LASIK or Laser Surgery?

By William Holcomb on April 28, 2014

Dr. Holcomb uses the iLasik system to perform laser vision correction at his dedicated laser center in Cullman, AL. This system uses no blades – it is all laser. It is different from PRK or epi-Lasik, two procedures in which a superficial flap is created; these procedures may be cheaper, but they do not offer the advanced technology inherent in the iLasik system, and they take much longer to achieve final visual results. iLasik consists of three separate components: (1) CustomVue IR with the WaveScan Wavefront System, (2) the Intralase FS flap laser, and (3) the VISX Star S4 IR with ActiveTrak excimer laser.

Any system not utilizing all three of these components is NOT iLasik.


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I went to the best of the best for LASIK: Dr. Holcomb. I highly recommend him and his staff.

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