Eye Care Madison

Eye Care Madison

Jun 11 2017

LASIK may be able to improve depth perception in patients who suffer from refractive errors. Let's explore the uses of laser vision correction.

Apr 11 2017

Many people wonder if LASIK surgery after the age 40 is a good idea. Let's consider the pros and cons of laser eye surgery later in life.

Mar 14 2017

Dr. William Holcomb measures pupil size for LASIK to determine whether patients with large pupils are good candidates for the procedure.

Feb 14 2017

LASIK surgery, offered at the Holcomb Laser Center, dramatically improves a patient’s eyesight, with most achieving 20/20 vision or better.

Jan 16 2017

Dr. Holcomb helps patients prepare for LASIK and post-operative visits by telling them what to expect throughout the process during their consultation.

Dec 13 2016

Ophthalmologist William E. Holcomb teaches patients about the safety precautions that should be taken when driving after LASIK surgery.

Nov 12 2016

After LASIK surgery, smoking can have a negative impact on results and may exacerbate side effects. Let's explore the issue.

Oct 14 2016

Dr. William E. Holcomb discusses the importance of age in determining LASIK candidacy for teens.

Sep 11 2016

Having regular corneal thickness is important if you want to undergo LASIK surgery. Let's see why this is the case.

Aug 11 2016

In this blog post, Dr. Holcomb discusses how age affects LASIK candidacy so our Madison, WI patients understand why LASIK may not be right for them.

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